VisualMed Clinical Solutions, Corp. provides update from new CEO

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., Aug. 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- VisualMed Clinical Solutions, Corp. (A Nevada Corporation) (OTC: VMCS), provides an update from its new CEO

“I look forward to the opportunity and challenge created as a result of becoming part of VisualMed though the recent acquisition from Rennova Health. VisualMed is a long-standing public company with a significant and long-established shareholder base that I believe will benefit from the renewed business strategy resulting from this acquisition.

I’d like to share some recent developments and future plans for corporate and business activities and look forward to us sharing many successes in the coming weeks, months and years.


As previously announced the Company has recently regained compliance with OTC disclosure requirements and now has a verified profile and transfer agent verified shareholder indicator displayed by OTC Markets.

The Company intends to complete a name change in the immediate future to InnovaQor, Inc., and will apply for a new trading symbol once complete. We look forward to confirming the completion of these actions and the launch of a new InnovaQor website for up to date information on the Company and its operations.

The Company has retained auditors and is well advanced in completing audited financial statements to our financial year end, June 30th

The Company intends to become compliant with SEC reporting requirements. We believe this increased level of reporting will facilitate transparency and information for our shareholders and the investment community and enhance the credibility and appeal of our Company in the public marketplace.


We have several software solutions that are fully developed and tested that we are ready to market. We have an expectation of immediate financial benefit from these efforts. In addition to this marketing and deployment, the Company is developing an intelligent platform that should help create a new level of efficiency and added value for almost every clinician and executive in the medical sector. We will continue to disclose significant progress with this project along the way.

We will continue to expand our relationships and partnerships in order to better support our business model and accelerate growth and value for all.

Current solutions include;


Advantage is a proprietary lab ordering and reporting software that was developed and used since 2012 to connect doctors to a lab information system. The system was utilized in multiple clinical labs and by many clinicians. The system can facilitate multiple or single orders and creates a user friendly and fully track-able platform for a lab order and report. This system could be amended to facilitate much needed trackability and transparency for Covid 19 testing and vaccinations. The Company continues to monitor and consider how it can launch this technology to help with the current pandemic.

Medical Mime

Medical Mime was built with the direction of physicians for physicians, to specifically address the issue of reduced efficiency when clinicians must use an EHR/EMR. The platform gives users, at all levels, seamless and exact data they need to be as efficient as possible. The Company has been focused on the substance abuse sector and the majority of current software revenues are generated from this sector.

Robust analytics provide a 360-degree view of the patient life cycle. C-Suite and Executive users can easily identify gaps, monitor operational efficiency and make informed decisions regarding the overall health of an organization.

This added efficiency enables employees to focus more time and energy on the patient-provider relationship and less on the system.

A full description and further information on this product can be found at

vCIO Services

HTS’s Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) services provides the skill set of an entire management team for less than it would cost for one employee. 

Beyond the cost savings from not having to hire a full time CIO, our services provide access to the necessary skills and expertise to handle the vital roles of an IT organization.

Whether the needs involve assessing a current IT infrastructure, solving a pain point, or implementing automation within an organization, we provide neutral, third-party viewpoints to help customers see things more objectively and can substantially benefit the bottom line.


Our lab platform has been designed so that a lab can customize their specific and unique business and workflow.

Since 1987, ClinLab LIS (Laboratory Information System) has been focused on helping hospitals, group practices, clinics and public health departments significantly increase efficiencies by reducing turnaround time and overall cost of operation.

ClinLab is scalable from small point-of-care labs to large multi-user, multi-location clinical facilities. ClinLab acts as a data warehouse for lab results and includes reporting, data acquisition, label printing, electronic signoff and provides numerous interface capabilities to a multitude of reference labs and practice systems.

The combination of ClinLab and Advantage creates a seamless and limitless option for any Lab and its customers


Healthcare data is ubiquitous, but insights are rare. Enter Qira, a solution already deployed in operating hospitals and national clinical reference laboratories.

Unlike other healthcare systems, Qira aggregates and synthesizes data from departments throughout the healthcare ecosystem, presenting it in simple, actionable dashboards that make decision-making effective and seamless.

In addition, Qira is a powerful management tool that aggregates data across multiple locations, giving administrators a complete 360 view of the organization’s operations. Admissions, workflow, billing and the results or deficiencies of each.

Qira will transform the way an organization is managed. For example, reports that used to run monthly, take up 100’s of man hours and cost thousands of dollars to generate, can be presented in real time.

Qira is the perfect solution for smaller and rural hospitals and facilities that cannot afford the burden of the management team that would be required to continuously analyze data and display it in a manner to drive immediate direction and action.


MEDtuning, a Genomas product, offers patients and physicians clinicians the ability to personalize drug therapy and increase safety and compliance.

MEDtuning is a genetic assessment of the patient genome in order to better assess the medicines currently prescribed or being considered for the patient, extending to 200 Neuro-Psychiatric and 160 Cardio-Metabolic drugs featured within the MEDtuning App. Deployment of this system allows the personalized management of drugs to treat mental illness, pain, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, leading clinicians and patients to their desired treatment goal and resulting in effective and individualized healthcare.

MEDtuning has been used by more than 500 clinicians and 15,000 patients throughout the United States.

Based on clinical studies and case reports, MEDtuning offers interpretative guidance to assess the individual's innate drug metabolism in order to establish and quantify functionalities and deficiencies. Clinicians and individuals are then guided to make prescribing decisions based on those metabolic capabilities and deficits.

Our solutions are focused on helping clinicians and their organizations achieve improved efficiencies and optimize patient care and outcomes.

We look forward to building a successful business while at the same time make patient care as accessible and effective as possible.

Sharon Hollis
VisualMed (soon to be InnovaQor, Inc.)

About VisualMed Clinical Solutions, Corp

VisualMed provides software solutions for the healthcare industry and intends to develop a unique and innovative communication platform with multiple added value additions, for use by healthcare professionals and workers throughout the world.

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