About ClinLab

ClinLab is a proprietary Windows-based, Internet and web-enabled laboratory information management system. Designed by medical technologists, ClinLab is scalable from small point-of-care labs to large multi-user, multi-location clinical facilities. ClinLab acts as a data warehouse for lab results and includes reporting, data acquisition, label printing, electronic signoff and provides numerous interface capabilities to a multitude of reference labs and practice systems.

Laboratory Information System

The fully comprehensive ClinLab LIS (Laboratory Information System) was designed for the modern small to medium sized Clinical Laboratory. Based on Local Area Network (LAN) technology, the program may be interfaced to a variety of instruments and other systems.

Design Increases Productivity

The design increases productivity by allowing efficient, accurate data management with less effort. Most operations are "Table Driven" allowing Lab Management to set up and maintain a configuration specific to the particular requirements of the institution, while minimizing the clerical activity of technologists during their routine workday.

ClinLab offers a LIS to:

  • Improve Sample Management
  • Capture data directly from Laboratory Instruments
  • Improve traceability
  • Easily access data
  • Automatically remove errors during manual calculation processing

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