Medical Mime

About Medical Mime

Medical Mime provides best-in-class patient lifecycle management for Behavioral Health/Substance Abuse (BH/SA) treatment centers through its robust yet efficient electronic medical records (EMR) purpose-built software. From pre-admission to billing and aftercare, Medical Mime seamlessly integrates into the natural workflow of your day-to-day operations.

Patient Profiles

Comprehensive at-a-glance view of each patient and their status with color coding identifying current level of care. Easily filter by:

  • Pre-admissions
  • Current patients
  • Level of care
  • Discharge
  • Facility

Group/Individual Calendar and Session Management 

Remove the complexity of group scheduling with our intuitive group/individual session calendars.

  • Easily schedule, conduct and document your sessions,in one place.
  • Quickly identify appointment types through color coding and view topics for discussion.
  • Save considerable time by easily accessing the right forms and documentationwhile in session for quick and easy completion.


Fully compliant Medical Administration Records (MAR) enable complete documentation for all prescribed medications.

  • View all active and past medications
  • Support for both paper and E-prescriptions
  • Schedule medications and create alerts for timely administration
  • Includes lab integration


Robust analytics provide a 360-degree view of the patient life cycle. C-Suite and Executive users can easily identify gaps,monitor operational efficiency and make informed decisions regarding the overall health of your organization. The rest is up to you, act on what you find and watch the progress of your work.


Unlike other EMRs, Medical Mime collates & validates all the required billing data before billing can process the claim,including:

  • Authorization number
  • Signature on forms
  • Date of Service
  • Service Type

Alerts on documentation are sent to your clinical team to complete.

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